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  • Favorite color: teal
  • Favorite action scene in a movie:  Pretty much All of Die Hard 1
  • Favorite breakfast cereal: Capt’n Crunch with crunch berries
  • Favorite 80’s group: Duran Duran
  • Craziest dream:  Making out with BFF. (Awkward as hell.)
  • Left-handed or right-handed: right-handed
  • What’s odd about me:  Being myself
  • What’s cool about me: I’m an excellent listener
  • Favorite sound: Babies laughing
  • Least favorite sound: Babies crying
  • Dream car:  James Bond’s car
  • Dream vacation: A week in an Irish cottage
  • Favorite mythical creature: Medusa, ( I look better by comparison.)
  • Turn ons: Handwritten love letters
  • Turn-offs: Stupidity…and drunk texting.
  • Favorite word: Soliloquy. It just rolls off the tongue
  • Least favorite word: Impossible, because it’s a lie.
  • Best invention in history: Spell-check
  • Dream occupation: International spy

Teen fiction always captured my interest and I appreciate the newness of that time, and well, I get nostalgic. Right now I’m on a serious paranormal/ fantasy kick. I’m all about the weird and my stories explore cool mythical creatures not many people have heard about.  I try to create characters who are people of color. There aren’t enough of them in young fiction and there should be more heroines of different backgrounds battling the forces of evil. Let’s face it, the extraordinary can happen to anyone.


Because therapy is too expensive.

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I'm a little shy at heart, so it's a bit awkward to talk about myself. I live in Virginia, close to my mom, my older sister, my niece and the most evil cat in America. I grew up in Williamsburg, which gave me plenty of inspiration for my debut series, 
The Cambion Chronicles.

But this wasn’t my first career move. When I was twelve I wanted to be a fashion designer. When I was seventeen, I wanted to be a movie director and I took a bunch of theater classes in high school. Yet I never stop jotting all these cool ideas down. I went to college and wanted to major in film. It made perfect sense seeing as the ideas in my head were like little movies anyway. When that went bust, I came home, whipped out my old notebooks from high school, and then realized that I was a pretty decent writer with some cool ideas. And the rest is history.


I write YA fiction. I’m also a self-proclaimed movie and music snob with a playlist for every occasion in life. I’m freakishly tall with large feet, and I have a slight obsession with the gym, cool 80’s references, and orange soda. My weapon of choice: sarcasm.